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Your Zodiac Sign's Color, Personality, and More

Embrace your sign! From Aquarius to Capricorn, which Zodiac Sign are you? It has been said that your sign affects the type of traits you possess. Each Zodiac Sign can also be attributed to colors. Whatever your sign may be, our Cupture Classic Candy Tumblers will have your color covered! Even if you're not a Pisces, you can definitely exhibit a sense of selflessness by sharing the tumblers! Let's delve deeper into some characteristics of the Zodiac Signs and their colors, shall we?

Aquarius - For those of us born January 20th to February 18th
As an Aquarius, your tumbler color is blue which resonates with calmness that empowers you to fabricate ingenious ideas. Similar to the ocean, blue signifies how endless your ideas seem to be. By nature, you strive to bring out the best in others so that you can bring new advancements to the world. You are capable of inspiring others and mustering strength to take action for causes you believe in. 

Pisces - For those of us born February 19th to March 20th
As a Pisces, your tumbler color is teal which enables you to have fluid, open communication with those around you. A mixture of blue's calmness and growth in green, you are adept at balancing both to create peace. You have an acute sense of patience to understand others and you find yourself constantly helping those in need. Your empathy allows you to see the best in others and your selfless attitude radiates most when those around you experience dark moments in life.

Aries - For those of us born March 21 to April 19

As an Aries, your tumbler color is red which translates to your unwavering passion for life and the energy you stir in others. Red is a color that draws attention, similar to your constant craving for the spotlight. You prefer exploring the outdoors and engaging in physical activities rather than staying home. Because you are competitive, you take the reins and lead group activities as initiative comes naturally to you.

Taurus - For those of us born April 20 to May 20
As a Taurus, your tumbler color is green which emulates a deep connection to nature, allowing you to remain balanced and well-rounded. Much like nature itself, green enables you to grow in the face of extreme adversity. You are practical in application and quite adaptable to the situations you are exposed to. Without a doubt, you are also well-grounded and can find beauty and appreciation for things that are often overlooked. 

Gemini - For those of us born May 21 to June 20
As a Gemini, your tumbler color is yellow which is attributed to your ability to remain spirited and excited about life. Yellow is a color that sheds light unto others just as you share brilliant ideas with your peers. By combining your quick-wit and sense of humor, you are often seen as sociable and charming. Your expressive personality is appreciated by your company and you are always prepared to gain new experiences.

Cancer - For those of us born June 21 to July 22
As a Cancer, your tumbler color is light blue which is often associated with tranquility and softness. Light blue is inviting and gives others a sense of hope just as the sky does. When life becomes problematic, you are a great listener and are able to provide a place of comfort to nurture your loved ones. At the heart of it all, you are compassionate and your decisions stem from intuition rather than rational thought. 

Leo - For those of us born July 23 to August 22
As a Leo, your tumbler color is orange which blends with yellow to create gold. Orange is a color of warmth and prestige that translates to your positive heart and classic sense of style. With little to no doubt, your confidence outshines those around you as you aspire to lead a proud lifestyle. You are warm-hearted and many consider you to be an authentic and optimistic individual.

Virgo - For those of us born August 23 to September 22
As a Virgo, your tumbler color is lime which is correlated to green's growth yet more vibrant to suggest joyfulness. Lime is a color that allows others to view you as a reliable friend with ethical ideals. Often times, your kindness can lead to self-sacrifice for others and many see you as a well-balanced for preserving patience. Even in the most frustrating situations, you respond with kindness and stay true to your beliefs.

Libra - For those of us who were born September 23 to October 22

As a Libra, your tumbler color is light pink which applies an aura of a gentle and kindhearted spirit. With the color pink, your are considered to be affectionate and sweet by nature. You strive for peace, not only for yourself but also for others. You are an individual who tends to seek harmony in the world because balance sets your mind at ease. Personal connections are particularly near and dear to your being because you enjoy co-operation with peers.

Scorpio - For those of us born October 23 to November 21
As a Scorpio, your tumbler color is hot pink which invokes intensity and passion in all the activities you partake in. Hot pink is a blend of white and red, yet leans further into red's ferocious energy. By nature, you are quite assertive, and once you have made up your mind, you will use your resourcefulness to reach your goal. Your determination is admired by others almost as equally as your self-control, which is a skill you've developed with practice and endurance.

Sagittarius - For those of us born November 22 to December 21
As a Sagittarius, your tumbler color is purple which boosts your openness and intellectual drive. You tend to be optimistic in most situations and are able to discern positives out of even the most negative moments in life. Your natural-born curiosity and spontaneity influences others to join you in your question for adventure. You endeavor to find new learning materials and openly share provoking ideas with friends and strangers alike.

Capricorn - For those of us born December 22 to January 19
As a Capricorn, your tumbler color is gray which is related to dependable and conventional characteristics. Gray is a neutral color that allows for a standard towards solidity and reliability. You tend to see the world in a logical sense and your realistic expectations lead to decisions in life that are often backed with rationale. Because you tend to be family-oriented, others look towards you for guidance, believing that you are responsible and trust-worthy.

Each Zodiac Sign is attributed to a color which helps to explicate how you view and experience life. Because the months overlap, you may find yourself carrying characteristics of other Zodiac Signs. Whatever the case, your Zodiac Sign will be covered by our Cupture Classic Candy Tumblers! You will even have extras to share with your loved ones! If you want to add more color and zest into your life, check out our pack of straws which are available in striped, solid, and red and white.

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