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Football Feastivity Tips

Football season is coming to a close, which means you have the perfect excuse to break out your favorite grilling recipes and get drunk as a skunk to watch your favorite players in action.


The best way to ensure that your "feastivity" is perfect from kick-off to finish is to do as much preparation as possible before the actual day. This applies whether you are doing an at-home party or tailgate. Either way, get as much done as you can before game day even begins. We suggest you look into local deals for food and decorations at least a weekend  prior to the event. It'll also give you some time to make last-minute purchases during game week. Don't forget to invite your friends and family ahead of time so you can account for how many cases of beer or other drinks you are going to need!


Purchase the décor you want for your party: the themed paper plates, napkins, table cloths, and most importantly, the cups you want to use! Drinkware can make or break a party, especially a tailgate where so many gather for the drinks. Try the 16 ounce Stainless Steel Pint Cups to keep your beer ice-cold throughout the entire game! If you're looking for something that can hold more beer, look no further. Try the Cupture 28 ounce Upside Down Beer Tumblers that fit TWO FULL BEERS which means less refilling, more game time, and is simply a win-win. Because this tumbler has a lid, it will ensure that nothing, not even a touchdown, will ruin your carpet. The double wall insulation will keep everyone's drinks colder for longer, which will keep your friends and family happier. If there are any kids in attendance, we would suggest the Mason Jar 3 pack, complete with colorful lids and straws. Assign each lid color to a kid to ensure that no fighting happens over whose cup is whose.


If possible, get all of the food ready beforehand. Marinate any meat the night before. For burgers, shape and pack the burger patties between sheets of parchment or wax paper. You can do the same thing with burger toppings, such as lettuce, tomato, cheese, and onion. Make plenty of homemade dips the night before; just cover and store them in the fridge. Try to save only easy recipies for the day of; we recommend guacamole because it is easy to make and only requires avocado, diced tomatoes, onion, cilantro, salt, and lemon juice. Bake any desserts, such as cupcakes, the night before, and if you want to make them extra fun, decorate them in your team's colors!


If you're going to tailgate, pack up the car as much as you can the night before. Label your coolers and lay them next to the fridge to be filled with ice in the morning. Don't forget to buy extra ice to keep everything nice and cold. Make sure to pack all the essentials you have prepared including the drinkware, food, and some extra essentials such as emergency kits and jumper cables. Don't forget to pack your favorite jersey!


It can be stressful putting tailgates or at-home parties together, but remember, everyone is there to have a good time. Don't get so caught up in the preparation or planning that you forget why you're there: to support your team! After all the preparation, sit back, take a sip from your Cupture Tumbler, and cheer loudly for your team with your family and friends. Let the Football Feastivity begin!

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