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DIY to Try: How to Plant Your Own Succulent

Earth Day is a wonderful day to spread awareness of taking care of our precious home! This Earth Day we encourage you try gardening (if you don’t already) especially if you have little ones. Planting succulents with your children is a wonderful learning opportunity that can create a lasting impact. It takes a few steps to get started and it could lead to a lifelong desire for tree-planting and eco-conscious living decisions. This is a win-win-WIN scenario for you, your children, and the Earth!  

Step 1: Gather all necessary materials.

  • Cupture Small Cup or Pot

- The size of your pot or cup is dependent on the plant you are using. Remember, you can start off small and re-pot them later. Our Small Cups might do the trick for you!

  • Gravel and Soil

- If you can’t gather soil from around your house, you can try a local gardening or hardware store. They usually sell them in bulk and gravel, too!

  • Succulent

- Besides gardening or hardware stores, you can also find succulents at local farmers markets (which we totally recommend).

  • Water

- Plants need food, too! Take some time to discuss how important water (and sunlight) is to plants with your children so they get a better understanding of how plants surive.

Step 2: Drill a hole or use gravel.

Drill some holes at the bottom of your cup for water to drain (succulents don’t like to sit in water). If you don't want to damage your cups, fill the bottom layer of the cup with gravel to create a barrier between the roots and the excess water.  

Step 3: Pour soil into the cup or pot.

Fill the cup with potting soil up to an inch or two below the top of the cup, you can use soil specifically made for succulents or you can use quick draining soil.  

Step 4: Plant your succulent!

If the plant is small enough, you can plant multiple succulents in the cup but make sure you consider the aesthetic of the plants before you plant. Make sure the cup is not overcrowded, and that the soil is packed loosely, but still enough that it won't tip over if touched.  

Step 5: Water your succulent and give it light.

Succulents prefer warm conditions and prefer direct sun but can adjust to lower lighted environments. Allow the soil to dry between watering.  

Step 6: Finished!

Enjoy your new succulent! Before you know it, you might even have your own succulent garden! Succulents are great for decorating, put some in a bathroom, or on a desk, give one to a coworker or a boss, and keep some as a centerpiece on a kitchen table.  

Thanks for giving us a read! For more DIY projects, please make your over to the DIY section of our blog at

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