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Make'm and Eat'm: Earth Day Pudding Snack

Our pick for a scrumptious snack this upcoming Earth Day is none other than the “Dirt” Pudding Cup! It’s family friendly, easy to make, and a ton of fun to eat! Here’s how to get started:

STEP 1: Gather Your Ingredients

  • Cups

- Clear or transparent cups work best so you can see all the layers of "dirt." Our favorite are the Everyday Tumblers which come in great Earth Day colors! They come in 2 different sizes you can accompany each pudding cup with a glass of milk to wash it all down.

  • Chocolate Pudding

- Use premade pudding for a quick snack fix, or make your own! It can be a little messy, but it's totally worth it!

  • Cookies

- Now this is how the cookie crumbles. You can use a mortar and pestle to crush the cookies into smaller bits and pieces, or use a spoon and bowl to break them down. Chocolate cookie crumbles will give the perfect "dirt" color and texture.

  • Gummy Worms

- Sour or regular. Your pick! Here’s a joke for you to share with your kids… What do you call a worm who just lost his dentures? A gummy worm! (Friendly reminder to brush your teeth thoroughly after because this snack is sugary sweet.)

STEP 2: Put it all together!

Place a layer of pudding into your cup. Next, add a layer of the cookie crumbs. Each layer can be as thick or thin as you'd like! Feel free to add one or two gummy worms in between the layers for a hidden surprise! Keep adding layers of pudding and cookie crumbs until you reach the top of your cup. Once your cup is filled close to the brim, place several gummy worms so that they stick out of the “dirt.”

STEP 3: Enjoy

After all that work, now it’s time to dig in! This treat will have your kids excited about Earth Day! You might have had this yummy surprise in your younger days so why not pass it on to your kids? Hooray for Earth Day snacks!

What snack are you eating to celebrate Earth Day?

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