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Are you a Purple Amethyst?

Each Crystal from the Cupture Crystal Collection seeks to embody a certain type of energy both for and from its users. The crystal that you are initially drawn to reflects a small portion of your personality, of the energy you put out into the world.

The Purple Amethyst - For the Calm
Many have come to recognize purple as wise and dignified. Purple truly embodies grandeur and prestige as the fabrication of the color itself is a rare sight in nature. The Purple Amethyst gemstone is one of the most sought out stones in the world because of its unique healing properties that provide tranquility and protection against negative energy. For anyone seeking clarity of mind to make impenitent decisions, this crystal is for you.

Color Psychology...
Purple implies wisdom and creativity which gives impressions of ambition and independence. Purple is the harmony of blue's stability and red's ferocity. By using the Purple Amethyst Crystal Tumbler, you can retain both properties to be a balanced leader with prudent judgement.

What your choice says about you....
The natural attraction to purple amethyst alludes to a higher sense of intuition and a detachment of emotional bias. You are resolutely independent and successfully justify your life choices with sound explanations. You emit an air of extravagance and devotion. You are not only creative in your sense of art and style, but also creative in the ways you conquer challenges that lie before you. You are a natural problem-solver with an inclination to navigate life fixing daily nuances.

Claim your Purple Amethyst Crystal Tumbler today! Although it comes with a complementary matching purple straw, if you would like to add a splash of color to your daily routine check out our 12 pack of striped straws. Purple is a soothing color that speaks volume about your sense of taste. If you want to commit to a completely purple set, you can go with the purple striped straw for a luxurious look.

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